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High quality COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 motherboard

Brand new replacement COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 motherboard for your CQ62-20 616449-001 laptop. Our COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 motherboards are produced under the highest industry standard and quality control,this motherboard Fetures :Specifications:SPS-PCA SYSTEM BOARD UMA GL40 DDR2 HDMI.
  • Part No : Part Number:616449-001
    Shipping Area : Worldwide,$15
  • Brand : COMPAQ
    Condition : Condition:Refurbished,Pulled from new perfectly working units,Tested and Guaranteed to Work Perfectly
  • SKU : MATMBHP916
    Test : Working Well
List Price : $398.58
Our Price : Cheap ( Save(36%): $168.66 )
Availability : In Stock
Warranty : Full 30 days,45-days money back
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This replacement COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 motherboard is the highest quality product you can buy which has passed international certification( CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 ). It works great when traveling or away from the home/office. Long life, these COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 motherboards have been tested working perfectly ). Every piece COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 motherboard combination protection by the PCP board, PCM board, intellectual power measurement circuit : automatically adjusts the charging time to achieve the maximum amount of charge, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection.

We offer superb pre-sales and after-sales service, warranty this COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 motherboard full 30 days and 45-days money back,100% OEM compatible with the original COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 Laptop Motherboard. Also our COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 Laptop Motherboard have take rigid test to ensure stability and safety for users before out of the motherboard manufactory. Usually this high quality COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 motherboard offer same even higher utilisation period than that of the original COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 motherboard.

Thanks for buy COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 motherboard at hp-motherboard.com. In order to ensure the quality of this COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 motherboard and let you 100% satisfied with our product, before shipment we will test the quality.

COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 motherboard Compatible Part No.

  • HP 616449-001

COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 motherboard Fits Model

  • HP G62-238NR
  • HP G G62-225DX
  • HP G G72-259WM
  • HP G62-219CA
  • HP G72-251NR
  • HP G72-259WM
  • HP G G62-226NR
  • COMPAQ G42-20 616449-001
  • HP G72-227WM
  • HP G G72-227WM
  • HP G62-237US
  • HP G G62-237US
  • COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001
  • HP G62-225DX
  • HP G62-223CL
  • HP G G62-237CA
  • HP G G62-238NR
  • HP G62-228CL
  • HP G G62-225NR
  • HP G G62-223CL
  • HP G62-220US
  • HP Presario CQ62-215NR series
  • HP G62-236NR
  • HP G62-237CA
  • HP G G62-228CL
  • HP G G72-257CL
  • COMPAQ G62-20 616449-001
  • COMPAQ CQ42-20 616449-001
  • HP G G62-236NR
  • HP G G62-220US
  • HP G G62-219CA
  • HP G62-226NR
  • HP Presario CQ62-217CA series
  • HP G62-225NR
  • HP G72-257CL
  • HP G G72-251NR
  • HP G72-217CA
  • HP G G62-238CA
  • HP G62-238CA

Some tips for increase the length of COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 motherboard

1. Please carefully read the instructions before use the motherboard.
2. new COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 motherboard for the first time use, make sure all your other laptop parts are work well.
4. Best to use a dedicated AC adapter for charging the new HP CQ62-20 616449-001 motherboards
3. Best to turn off your COMPAQ laptop when the CQ62-20 616449-001 motherboard charging, don't unplug the power charging or use your computer when in charging.
5. If don't use laptop for a long time, please remove the COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 battery,and placed it in ventilated and dry place.
6. Should avoid excessively high or low temperature environment to use the COMPAQ CQ62-20 616449-001 Laptop Motherboard, the temperature is too low or high will affect the motherboard life.

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